Skype is one of the communication tools based on the most powerful Internet and used worldwide. One of the most interesting features in this application is the ability to make video calls, as well as video conferencing. However, due to the lack of call recording feature in Skype, I am going to introduce some of external software like TalkHelper Skype Call Recorder to save your Skype video chat.


 The possibility of seeing and talking to old school friends or family member who lives oversea are taking advantage of this program. Also, making video calls through your computer is already something very cool, what you think of saving them? Discover that with a small piece of software you can store your video calls made from Skype, as well as edit them, and share them on YouTube. Are you ready to shine on the small screen of computers around the world?




  • High-Speed Internet connection.
  • Skype certified webcam.
  • The Latest version of Skype.
  • TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype.


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It's important to be aware of important observations before we begin the recording, editing and sharing video calls on Skype. The first thing is that TalkHelper is the only Skype recorder that is compatible with any version of Skype, The second one is the trial version of TalkHelper does not allow you to changes the store folder for the video recordings on Skype. This functionality is only available for paid user, which means you have to manually move the call recording to Dropbox after the AVI files are saved, it’s odd, isn’t it?


Record a video interview

TalkHelper captures everything that goes in your video conferences on Skype, however, sometimes you have to take care of the synchronization between audio and video in the recordings. And you don’t have to worry about it, because this step is automatically started as soon as the TalkHelper is installed. With all the prerequisites, observations and small synchronization of detail shown here granted, you are ready to record your calls.


Step 1). Please make sure you enable the “Automatically recording” option in TalkHelper, if not, right click the tray icon, enable the option as following:

Step 2). Issue a video call on Skype by clicking the “Video call” menu, please make sure you test the webcam before you start this.


Step 3). Check the recording status of TalkHelper, make sure the video and audio streams are both recordings.



Step 4). Find the newly recorded item in the “Call Recordings” list in TalkHelper, you will find two separate files that are consist of AVI and MP3 files.



Step 5). Locate the AVI and MP3 files in the store folder, move it to Dropbox for later playback.




Share video on YouTube


Another interesting feature in TalkHelper is sharing the recorded videos on YouTube. The great advantage of this application is that it performs the file upload videos directly on the site. To access the features for this purpose click the "Finish" tab on the user interface, and then choose the kind of privacy that the video recordings should get on the web by clicking "Upload Public" or "Private Upload" - make the presentation of particular recording respectively.

External resources: TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype download link: